Sustainable Sanitation and Water Renewal Systems
Construction progress of the biogas digester
Construction progress of the biogas digester

Sustainable Sanitation and Water Renewal Systems (SSWARS) is a non-profit making, Non-Governmental organization registered to operate in Uganda. SSWARS was certified and duly registered on 30th September 2005 by the National Board for Registration of NGOs in Uganda under the Non-Governmental Organizations Registration Statute, 1989.

SSWARS plans and implements people-centred approaches to sustainable sanitation and water supply. The key objective is to develop, improve and sustain the status of the communities through use of sustainable and renewable systems with a prime objective of reducing risk of exposure to poor sanitation and water related diseases, and ultimately alleviate poverty amongst the communities. The overall goal is efficient sustainable utilization and recycling of resources.

The mode of implementation is through involving communities, right from the onset of projects. This means consultation with community leaders and elders, Local Councils (LCs), relevant sub-county and county staff, with special consideration for the gender and disabled. To achieve this, SSWARS conducts sensitization campaigns for cross cutting age groups of the above, in order to train, construct, operate, maintain and manage sustainable sanitation and water supply infrastructure as well as waste recycling systems. A vicious cycle of project evaluation and collection/sharing of lessons from past (bad) practices  is maintained at the end of each projects to culture a sense of project ownership and sustainability among the beneficiaries.